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The cashier shelves display tips _ 【 Hshelf shelf 】

by:Hshelf     2020-06-16
Checkout shelves last chance is the sale of goods, through displaying the convenience of our customers choose and buy, impulsive buying high margin products, to enhance the sales and gross profit. The following' Hshelf shelf 】 Small make up to share a few selected products and display tips: 1, the gross profit margin should be higher than the store choose goods average gross margin; 2, the display of easily overlooked by customer's impulsive purchase goods and commodities; 3, the same shelves of goods not too single, should be diversified; 4, select the volume of goods not too big, do not choose fragile, liquid goods such as glass products, etc. ; 5, commodity replaced periodically; 6, food and non-food should separate display should not be in the same display shelves; 7, in order to improve the overall gross margin, 70% on display shelves display non-food, 30% shelf display food. Relevant article recommended the register such design, 100% guest unit price! The cashier put skills, improve location earnings display the five principles of the counter
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