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The cause of the deformation of supermarket shelves! How to avoid deformation and shelves?

by:Hshelf     2020-05-22
Introduction: before, customer on supermarket shelves in guangzhou pursue natural and color. But in the past two years, customer demand is changing, in addition to practical, but also fashion and beautiful. Our guangzhou supermarket shelves not just help customer to sell things, more important is to help clients build a good business atmosphere, give customers a good shopping mood.

at present, the shelves of using range is very wide, both large supermarket or a small convenience store, whether large production workshops or individual workshops, whether multinational logistics company or in the same city logistics distribution, in order to effectively save the limited space, most people will choose to use shelves to store goods and products. We all know that supermarket shelves can bearing weight than storage shelves, and many businessmen don't think so, so often leads to shelves because withstand pressure is too great to appear the situation of the deformation. But there must be other reasons, these problems are often the most concern of the people: the supermarket shelves the cause of the deformation in guangzhou? 1, the material selection for this reason, customers at the time of purchase shelf, would inevitably encounter some bad shelves manufacturers, to cut corners, of others, so that the shelf distortion. 2, the placement of goods more than the shelf layer, namely the shelves at the time of purchase, guangzhou supermarket shelves manufactured according to the selection of the layer corresponds to the material, and if in the practical use, the weight of the goods shelves over the selected material, the weight of the shelf deformation occurs. 3, improper handling equipment operation, sometimes, use the unit in the goods in handling equipment such as forklifts, as a result of the driver problem, lead to the forklift hit the shelves, resulting in deformation of shelves. 4, uneven distribution of weight, can cause deformation of shelves; If placed in the cargo, the weight of each layer of the goods is concentrated in the middle part, and no layer of cargo weight on both sides, that would certainly cause deformation of shelves. If you find your shelves also appear these problems above, don't worry, embellish of shelves here to teach you how to avoid deformation. Shelves at design time, you must follow the basic principles of design. 1, choose high quality materials. Like guangzhou, the company is made of high quality cold rolled steel material to produce 2, top-heavy: should be high light cargo, the underlying principle of put heavy stuff. When it's 3 and proper operation. Operators according to the requirement to carry goods, reduce the loss. 4, should choose good shelves manufacturers, are more reliable, good producers to produce goods on the after-sales service is guaranteed for the customer. Like guangzhou, shelf products has been to make the customer feel very reliable, have multiple for customer service, production of guangzhou supermarket shelves products, welcome your arrival. Our shelf products without welding, can be arbitrary combination, with strong load, free combination, easy to plug, mobile and flexible characteristics such as time, reasonable price, popular with users trust. We will, as always, to the best products, best service to customer service.
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