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The choice of the pharmacy shelves

by:Hshelf     2020-06-13
Now on the market more and more open pharmacy, every community, market, intersection is there a drug store, and pharmacy shelves use is also very common, just we also successfully completed a new pharmacy shelves, today is to introduce how to choose the pharmacy shelves. Pharmacy is generally open where abortion is concentrated, such as residential, commercial and trade center, the market, the more consumption place, pharmacy to decorate, the better, use is high-grade shelves, is located in foshan city of zen mandarin plaza today kuntai pharmaceutical co. , will choose our G60 will be pharmacy shelves. The characteristics of the shelf is 1. Shelves modelling is novel, the layer board bracket used the circular arc shape of security, increase the aesthetic feeling but also played a very good protection effect, to prevent sharp water chestnut cut customers or pull bad clothes; Arm hook with defense shedding characteristics, slight collision arm won't be easy to take off like general shelves; 2. Increase the arc plate and footing before, profile shape, fuller, and prevent kicking effect; 3. Side mesh fence, collision is not easy to emerge, the product is not easy to fall; 4. Large layer board design, general pharmacy shelves layer board is 300-4 layer configuration 250 - 250 - More than 200, in order to store medicines, specially designed for the following layers of plate 400-6 350 - 350 - 350 - 300 - 300, store more atmosphere.
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