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The five elements of stationery store shelves design _ 【 Hshelf shelf 】

by:Hshelf     2020-06-24
The stationery store shelves on the market now has a lot of, shelves design style each different, guangzhou Hshelf shelves manufacturers today to explain the five elements of the stationery store shelves design, when we do store stationery store shelves design can go to adopt. One, at the time of display shelf design to apply the scene or the practical comprehensive and thoughtful, although the design for the first time the customer to be modified, but in the early stage of the must and customers know what he needs, and with a storefront design drawings, less changes to the design, to avoid unnecessary loss. Second, the design of the display shelf to be short and concise, generally we will be in the know what customers like the style of the style, also like the seemingly simple things is a good way to attract the audience at the time of design cases and to grasp the finer points of consumer attention. Three, display shelves design should be focused, with commodity photograph echo, but not too prominent and commodities, display shelf basic function is used to display products, since is to show the product that you must design a show obvious effects, such as in the use of light or other accessories to highlight the characteristics of product. Four, display shelves of the design is unique, with the trend of change and change, so as to keep up with the pace of The Times, we should pay attention to new trends, whatever it is, there will be a transition period, like clothing, soon there will be new fund listed, although under less short transition period, but at the time of storefront design or combination of modern style. 5, show shelf design must stand in the perspective of the customer, to know what products by the customer, to design what style of display shelves, the product is what style, how to design and product photograph echo, shall all stand before the customer's perspective to the design of cases, to design a suitable product 'clothes' if the overall style is not take tone that will seem very lifeless.
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