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The installation of supermarket shelves and open to customer's requirements

by:Hshelf     2020-10-20
Supermarket shelves is supermarket display products, convenient for people to buy important carrier. Choose to install supermarket shelves, affect the customer's safety, so the supermarket shelf installation must meet the requirements, after acceptance to open to the customer. Supermarket shelves installation note mainly reflects in the following three points, hope to be of help. 1, the shelves in use in the equipment of all kinds of measurement and testing apparatus, instruments, surfaces and equipment shall be in accordance with rules of the national current measurement, the precision level is not lower than the equipment requirements precision level. 2, shelf general equipment and inspection, to ensure the quality and safety, promoting technical progress, progress economic benefits, these norms are formulated. 3, shelf equipment should be according to the diagram construction. When construction have not found the scene or design, shall be made in a timely manner and with the approval of the change rear can construction.
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