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The pharmacy shelves display skills _ 【 Hshelf shelf 】

by:Hshelf     2020-06-23
For pharmacy shelves, display is very necessary. Pharmacy shelves is the main part of the pharmacy commodity display, through to the commodity display set up the bridge of communication between commodity and consumer, let consumers understand goods so as to increase the likelihood of be purchased. Family planning supplies, pharmacy management medicine not only, still operating this customer privacy is involved. Actually not only is family planning supplies, including some difficult diseases, or the customer does not wish to be known as disease, pharmacy shelves marketing are silent, for consumers to choose from, protect consumers' privacy. On pharmacy shelves of goods on display should be the combination of the associated goods sales. Example: in tooth type shelves shelves marketing, most inflammatory periodontal problems are caused by heat, therefore, should pay attention to diet, avoid to eat spicy food. These knowledge suggest not only associated with the drug also associated disinfection products and chemical products ( Mouthwash and allergy toothpaste) , patients with toothache one-time buy their needed goods. Knowledge on drugstore shelves do prompt increase customer purchase desire. When customers into the store, see shelves have knowledge prompts will read it carefully, there are even look not to understand the place will take the initiative to consult, at the same time buy, probably had planned to buy only 1 ( Box/bottle) Prompt goods, because the shelves of knowledge, the customer will buy two goods, even the three goods. Therefore, shelf marketing can effectively improve the guest unit price. The stand or fall of drugstore shelves display can determine customer how long you stay in the store. When drugstore shelves have customer care knowledge presentation will go to see customers, the higher the degree of interest for the time will be longer, sales staff and customer communication time will increase, commend medicine success rate will be higher. Relevant article recommended drugstore shelves will meet what problem? The pharmacy shelves are the installation method? Six step allows you to easily install 【 Break down 】 Pharmacy shelf installation steps and methods
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