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The role of the supermarket shelves

by:Hshelf     2020-06-11
Supermarket shelves use although now is not limited to the use of storage shelves, and other categories have been widely used in the supermarket. In our country, the earliest shelves that we used to say, the goods are made of iron, wood, glass and so on. Super shelves, also called the supermarket shelves, is to use in the supermarket shelves, the intention is to decorate and beautify the operating environment. For customers, appeal to the consumer idea, make it feel goods very neat and brief. For the clerk, lunch staff work, power. Display shelves according to use can be divided into: exhibition display rack, jewelry display shelf, display stand, cosmetic display rack, food oil data display shelves, clothing display rack, display shelf, promote display rack and so on. Supermarket shelves plays a new commodity comment, attract customers into the store, lead customers stay, whether buying or replace the salesman, building sell air, progress the company image, holiday sales promotion, and so on. Therefore, in normal days, display shelves can be seen everywhere, is a supermarket, shops, companies a necessary & other; Weapons & throughout; 。 In the supermarket goods shelves in the supermarket, can make goods very good moisture-proof, dust-proof, together to reduce the external factors for its damage. Also make the space of the supermarket can maximum limit. We have more items can be used for the arrangement. In shelves items, our items are easier to access, counting objects also became increasingly, so the effect is very big. Supermarket shelves put role: lunch, the reasonable partition is excessive, commodity choice bento lunch; ZiZhuXing, supermarket goods shelves put understand, each partition self characteristic; Human, is not easy to visual fatigue, no dead Angle.
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