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The supermarket sales promotion platform in wal-mart is how to display? _【 Hshelf shelf 】

by:Hshelf     2020-06-23
Wal-mart while closing more than in the whole world, but wal-mart as the world's famous retailer, its shelves, promotion platform, the pile head, promotional display method of the wall has been the industry reference model of learning. Guangzhou Hshelf shelves manufacturers today on supermarket shelves promotional display method, consult for everybody to learn. 1, escalator, the escalator on promotional display method of wal-mart has been used as a promotional display area, this area is the choice of goods and display requirements for: - — Display high gross margin, impulsive style goods, such as children's snacks, puffed food; — — The number of goods for 3 kinds of price from low to high display; — — The unit price of goods under 10 yuan; — — The price for customers; — — Escalator position of goods need to clean up every week, is generally replaced every two weeks; — — Commodity display exquisite and stepped in. 2, the pile head exhibition - — The height of the goods only on the lower part of the price tickets; — — Out of the height of the out of the goods should be in case more than a third of the total height; — — The bottom of the pile head as far as possible to use the original goods or empty container, the container of goods on display using diaphragm cannot exceed clapboard; — — The price tag, net bar displays the correct use of 3 - — The amount of net bar need to make sure that net bar displays, namely displays full; — — Commodities will not fill the net bar and net bar at the bottom of the internal and need to use packing cushion is high, and ensure the packing box is not exposed; — — The rest of the requirements with the pile head 4 are exhibited, N merchandising standards - — From the top height of the goods should be at the bottom of the sign board; — — Goods and the distance from the upper layer board for the distance of two fingers wide; — — Customers often buy crates of goods should be displayed in the N is at the bottom, if not all regular purchase of a single display, promotion wall, in the form of display - — Display the same goods or uniform price series products; — — Goods and the distance from upper with two fingers wide; — — The correct use of price tag
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