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Boutique supermarket shelves manufacturers selling which good, recommend the shelves

by:Hshelf     2020-05-27

now the store in China's rapid development trend, and the world retail giant & other; Wal-mart & throughout; Slashing stores. In all business leaders in discussing or predict the future development of large stores, 【 Shelf. Small make up as a eat the melon masses said business circle water is too deep, I still have a good to introduce the shelves! Small make up today also to compare the convenience store and supermarket shelves, talk about the difference between the difference between!

a, for the demand of shoppers. Shopping malls under the influence of factors such as land price, transportation and traffic, usually is located in the center of the city's main commercial circle, so everyone only in large purchases are walked into the mall, usually buy commodity will be at home at a nearby convenience store. And now more and more quickly, the development of the convenience store convenient service for consumers is more abundant. Convenience of instant lunch, cooked food and generation of prepaid phone CARDS and other services to some extent, those of the supermarket, deeply popular with urban white-collar clan.

2, the sales of products structure difference. The characteristics of large stores mentioned, we think is & other; Variety is rich, everything & throughout; , compared with the convenience of small scale, the number and variety of supermarket shelves products is complete a lot of really, here you can one-time purchase products needed for the whole life, including life necessities and discretionary; But convenience store near by area and the labor costs and consumption characteristics of the crowd, the influence of such factors as the types of products will appear to be single. In the convenience store, commercial office lap is a greater proportion of cooked lunch, drinks and leisure snack products. And in the neighborhood convenience store, will be more focus on the sale of fresh fruits and vegetables, articles for daily use products.

3, the different business model. Convenience store first come out in the pretext of open 24 hours a day, although it is only a small part of the convenience store really did provide service 24 hours a day, but the overall convenience store business hours is than the mall from nine to ten model should grow some. People in some big cities nightlife becomes more and more rich, go out in the middle of the night 12 o 'clock midnight snack consumption demand more and more significant. Have data statistics, good convenience store location is sales accounted for about 30% of all day in the night, the considerable convenience store night considerable sales demand.

no matter after the retail exactly what kind of pattern will go, but now the store is strong momentum of development, there will be more later to more and more people choose went into a convenience store. Supermarket shelves manufacturers selling, shelves for decades of years sales experience, can grasp the precise consumer demand to the market, from store design execution to brand the national promotion, help you in the shortest time, lowest cost, achieve better results. Committed to more brand enterprise brand shop upgrade services, to provide you with better service store.

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