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Double-sided supermarket round the back shelf choose what material

by:Hshelf     2020-06-05
Introduction: supermarket shelves in the shelf system is very safe, can effective display a variety of items such as clothes, shoes, vases, stationery, tools, etc. , and also be on display at the same time with the people and the brand product, so virtually can generate brand effect.

shelves of reasonable structure, solid and durable, environmental protection and beautiful shelf image determines its broad prospects for development, not only can improve the image of the product, more can promote the environmental image of the enterprise. When we were in the supermarket, the first thing you encounter is the row, groups of neat and orderly supermarket shelves. Maybe you just focus on the goods without pay attention to the shelves for product placement, in fact, the use of these shelves and putting also is to have cultured. Today, we will introduce you to double the supermarket with shelves on the back of the selected material is better. Said to the choice of double sided shelves on the back of the material in the supermarket shelves, we first or ask an expert to introduce our supermarket shelves are generally divided into several types, each type are generally made of what material. According to shelves manufacturers, general supplies supermarket shelves roughly divided into single-sided and double-sided two types, one side and the back can be divided into the back or the net surface of two types, double shelf can be divided into the back of the double back net and the back of two types. So, different types of supermarket shelves in use what's the difference? Double-sided supermarket shelves on the back of the choice of what material? Introduce according to professional personage, the choice of the general shelf type is mainly tailor-made according to customer requirements to decide, if is a large supermarket chain, generally according to before the order, please shelves field measurement size manufacturer, after accurate measurement, and then make a decision which parts of the world to use double sided shelves, which relies on a wall to use the single side shelf, and for general large supermarket, double-sided shelves generally take is on the back of the net surface structure steel qualitative back net shelf. In addition, at the time of custom shelves, generally the manufacturer will give you specific design scheme and construction scheme, the supermarket operator only need to provide the field data and some drawings can be fully realized shelves customized programs. With the development of the shelf manufacturing industry, modern shelf also added a lot of decorative function.

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