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Draft mom with tsinghua on supermarket shelves for son

by:Hshelf     2020-05-29

we have a very special user, although he is not very good for us, also won't for our supermarket shelves add how much performance, but her story has encouraged us. Filed have to mention her son, she took a month of that year, but his mother use supermarket shelves the result of hard training.

in many years ago, she found us, because of the need to take care of her son to go to school, inconvenience to go out to work, want to start their own businesses, and is also convenient and look after children at home, and her request is to open a dollar store, everyone knows binary shop is a business model of the most popular in recent years, and our designers as required configuration on our supermarket shelves for her, so she binary shop opened, although development condition and the specific situation we are not very understanding. But in that year, her son, after examination, it also gradually for attention.

she worked so hard to rely on a few supermarket shelves hold up 2 dollar store, but produce a scholar lang, this is a mother of power, it also illustrates the life is not terrible, as long as the consciousness is strong, as long as we can stick to, to efforts, some are possible.

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