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Dry: graphic fresh fruit supermarket display skills!

by:Hshelf     2020-11-14
First, follow the principle of the basic principles of goods on display a, clean and orderly. Fruit supermarket samples and display the business fruit, display of the use of props, exhibition, shelves and other facilities, should be a dynamic management, make the goods on display to suit the requirements of neat, clean and orderly. Principle 2, enough fullness. Fruit supermarket display as far as possible to the same class of goods of different specifications, grade, color varieties are displayed, expanding the scope of the customer choice, also left a rich fruit supermarket goods to customers good impression. Purpose is to attract customers by rich fruit varieties, attract customers, stimulate customer purchase desire. Second, the use of lamplight, adjust the atmosphere of the shop, the color and sound fruit supermarket environment factors such as light, color, sound is not to be ignored, they can not only to customers in the United States, use good, also can stimulate customers to buy goods. The lights. Lights can directly affect the whole atmosphere of the shop, and enter the good lighting effect with light fruit supermarket, consumers will have two very different feelings: the former lively, relaxed; The latter, deep depression. Some stores in order to save a little electricity, and the situation of the penny wise and pound foolish. So, fruit supermarket lighting must be used within the business hours, in case of damage of lamps and lanterns, to repair in time. Color. Color can affect people's mood and impact, red, yellow, orange is a warm color, give a person a kind of warmth, passion, close feeling. The stereo. Audio can create relaxing and enjoyable shopping environment for customers, eliminate the fatigue of customers and shop assistants, make customers choose goods, the company of music produce strong desire to shopping. At the same time can also through the radio broadcast some promotions and new product introduction. Eye-catching display method. Marked: see the goods is to facilitate customers. Therefore, it is the first requirement of goods on display, should pay attention to in commodity display: location: the best eye-catching place of the line of sight of people is at right angles to the eyes of the position, the following from the eyes of the customer to the height of the chest is the most effective, the gold area must make full use of, prevent waste empty. Quantity: quantity is little and little things, not spectacular, must make the commodity and shape of fixed commodity display, set small as the great cause. Sometimes can take advantage of the visual error, caused a big feeling, fruit supermarket can be tilted his flat cabinet after the implantation of fruit and put a big mirror, looks goods full of beautiful things in eyes. Rhythm: the management of goods regardless of priorities, primary and secondary strength, all the flat out, overall, neither could not impressive. Therefore, to choose those customers welcome, market sell like hot cakes, packaging or sleek as key, display of goods on the gold position, in order to attract customers, and in the surrounding with those who have the collateral displays, to expand the customer of the line of sight range. Design of display method. Display design method is to make full use of the shape, the characteristic, the color of goods at the mercy of, pay attention to proper exaggeration and imagination, into a certain consumer favorite pattern, make the customer saw the outline of the relevant goods already, and artistic appeal, have a good impression. Fruit supermarket, for example, you can try to be unique to some high-grade fruit into all kinds of novel and unique, the design of suction eye to attract customers and sell products. In general, a good display can not only highlight the characteristics of the goods, to enhance the appeal of the goods, beautify the stores the overall layout, and can also spread commodity information, accelerate the circulation of commodities, promote sales, to help promote the brand.
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