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Four kinds of pharmacy decorate a small tips, let your business hot day _ 【 Hshelf shelf 】

by:Hshelf     2020-06-23
A lot of people would like to open a pharmacy, everybody look at traditional Chinese medicine industry development prospects, and want to make a lot of money in this industry. But before the drugstore do you know about pharmacy and how many? Pharmacy is decorated is comparatively important preparation drugstore, at the same time also is very easy to get wrong. Let the Hshelf shelf 】 Small make up to tell you something about pharmacy decorate related issues. 1, the appearance of drugstore drugstore exterior decoration design should stress the theme of the shop, let the pedestrian is easy to identify the store is running a drug business rather than sales of other products. Novel appearance design also needs to have features to attract the eyes of the living people, a good impression to the customer. 2, pharmacy interior design interior design is mainly to display products. Product display is convenient for customers to buy, and the passage between the drugstore shelves can't is too narrow, want to have a good circulation environment. From the point of view of human nature, is the convenience of our customers as a starting point, large extent to drugstore shelves medicines show in front of the customer. Let customers are free to move back and forth between the various shelves. 3, pharmacy colorific collocation pharmacy decorate cannot be too traditional and unfunny, otherwise, can let a person feel heavy. Nowadays people's consumption has changed, in and out of the pharmacy because consumers do not necessarily ill injury to buy medicine. So a pharmacy can decorate in colour is tie-in appropriate do some special processing, such as on the choice of the color is given priority to with the color of health, in which mixed with some other colors, let the pharmacy has the feeling of a kind of life. 4, the layout of pharmacy lights dim shop can't prosper, too bright in the shop, the customer is not easy to get in. Lighting must cooperate with the characteristics of pharmacy in otc, ceiling, display stand, should consider its individual lighting apparatus. In some drugstore shelves can also configure the lamp or light box, such as ginseng antler cabinet, cabinet, health care products in the drugstore shelves, etc. , can play the role of enhancing commodity exhibition effect.
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