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Fresh shelf factory for you to explain: fresh items on display skills _ 【 Hshelf shelf 】

by:Hshelf     2020-06-23
We all know that department store supermarket depend on fresh to improve traffic, now, of course, also have individual develop business of fresh, fresh supermarket, people's living standard improvement, whose raw can meet the demand of the public, who had high sales performance. Supermarket unusually hot, the industry it has largely replaced the grocery store, become the main place of people shopping. The development of fresh supermarket also lead to the development of the fresh supermarket shelves. Fresh items on display technique, display environment decoration pictures, samples, Bread, cakes, fruits, seafood, etc. ) , lighting, clothing, shelves and cabinets colour match and foil with goods. Two combinations, goods in the supermarket layout should be emphasized in the combination of fresh goods sector and the relationship between each other, in the merchandising in fresh department also wants be particular about merchandising, and even the merchandising cross-sectoral combination, crosses the correlation between strong commodity display, the change of the emphasis on the combination of the goods at the same time. For example, spices and frozen goods, meat products; Cake and birthday candles; Kitchen utensils and appliances and meat products. Group legal commodity combination: 1, the seasons: in clay pot soup, sausage, the festival group legal 2:3 cakes and valentine's day card, convenient consumption group legal: condiments 4, commodity use group legal: milk and bread for 5, theme promotion group legal: barbecue section ( Flavor meat, materials, equipment) Three, value of goods promotion is one of the main reasons why customers don't buy goods don't know, especially new products, need to do some goods by POP or by other means points, help customers to try new consumption, the key is to in various ways, for customers to understand and know the goods and the use of the goods. Four, merchandise display image management which brings us back to merchandising standards and the display quality of the old issue, is the relentless inspection, sorting, replenishment, pick bad goods, goods is sold in the image and maintenance.
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