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From the habit of consumers browse the shelves supermarket products supermarket shelves display problems

by:Hshelf     2020-06-07
Introduction: supermarket shelves more accord with Chinese aesthetics. Good supermarket shelves as a work of art, can watch. With the improvement of customer taste, supermarket shelves naturally attracted the attention of many supermarket enterprises. A gradually mature market and mature consumption determines the supermarket shelves.

supermarket shelves, English name is The supermarket shelves with The improvement of people's living standard, supermarkets unusually hot, The industry it has largely replaced a store, become The main place of people shopping. The development of the supermarket also lead to the development of the supermarket shelves. The earliest shelves in China is the people often say that the counter of the iron wood and glass and so on a variety of. But the structure of the supermarket shelves are basically the same.

assumes that consumers don't have a chance to watch the shelves.

consumers often from the height of the eyes to the height of the chest down.

at first glance: eyes to chest height

38% of the consumers get what they want after the flagship product of A will go on to the next category project.

the second eye: the chest to waist

according to the above example, 55% of people with the main products and main product B after leaving the shelves, 86% of consumers to buy the poor taste of C, D after the leave. Third eye:

from the waist down only a few customers will see on the bottom of other taste, in fact, only 14% of consumers to see on the bottom of the E products, in such way of display, how can you will all the taste of the sales good?

in terms of the second sample's way of creating columns, the first thing consumers see the product usually won't buy taste, but the worst situation is consumers to see the taste, but the best situation is that they will want to try to see this kind of taste and buy.

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