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How to choose the supermarket shelves? _【 Hshelf shelf 】

by:Hshelf     2020-06-24
Many supermarkets secret, today we will tell the secret of the supermarket shelves. Display is the foundation of sales, the development of enterprises must be based on the good market performance, market performance, no development, no money again? And what let us give him selling products? Choice of supermarket shelves, must according to their own stores decorate a style to choose the color of the shelves, style, material and size. Own supermarket is to choose all steel, steel wood or wooden shelves need according to the actual need to determine, different material, of course, the price also is not the same. Color, design is now larger shelves manufacturer has a different type of can choose for your reference, size, manufacturers are generally store actual measurement gives a perfect solution. How much a set of supermarket shelves, how to choose the supermarket shelves? We should consider above all is the quality of the shelves, said the quality of the shelf, we all know shelves can't use one or two months is broken or not bearing the too much weight. So the supermarket shelves choose must pay attention to the quality problem of the shelves. So the quality of the shelves main behold what time? 1, the material, we choose shelves must according to choose the ideal material to carry much weight. It is recommended to first understand when purchasing the thickness of the layer board, pillar thickness of degree and the stable degree of bracket, any link quality is not up to standard will influence for subsequent use. 2, welding quality, welding quality is an important link in shelf quality, welding is good, can see at a glance, general big manufacturer quality control is strict, suggest you choose the larger manufacturers. 3, spray evenly and coverage. On the surface of the paint is an important means of to protect shelves, so also should pay attention to when you choose. Secondly we should consider the problem is the installation and after-sales, whether the installation fee, whether to provide after-sales service, is crucial, the determine the credibility of sellers, generally provide good manufacturer.
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