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Packaged clapboard racking methods commonly used types of storage shelves pickup

by:Hshelf     2020-05-27
Packaged clapboard racking methods commonly used types of storage shelves pickup

shelf board type is what we usually call packaged shelves, generally for cargo from artificial ways, put some parts, packaged goods. Height according to height of design, be in commonly 2 meters, with convenient access to artificial. Its structure is modular structure, loading and unloading, convenient to move, the height can be adjusted, layer can increase or decrease, layer board generally has two kinds of wood and steel layer board. According to different, each layer of bearing can be divided into the lining of the light shelf, medium shelf board type shelf, heavy shelf three types of plate type shelf, the following is a detailed introduction.

1。 Diaphragm plate racks ( Light shelves) 。

this kind of shelves on each floor bearing within 200 kg, within 2 meters in height and width of 0. About 6 meters, 2 meters in length. Link is used to connect material for universal Angle steel, rivet, appearance is concise and practical. Is mainly used to put a few small goods, can be applied to the warehouse, office, etc.

2。 Medium-sized shelf plate racks ( Medium shelf) 。

medium shelves on each floor bearing between 200 kg to 800 kg, and the length of 3 meters, width is not more than 1 meter, height is not more than 3 m. The material for cold rolled steel. Medium-sized shelves have shelves and in type B in the shelf. Without beam is A type shelf, some are in the B type shelf, medium shelf is generally refers to the type B in the shelves. Medium-sized shelf bearing is moderate, so widely used in all walks of life.

3。 Put heavy plate racks ( Heavy shelves) 。

heavy shelves, each bearing between 800 kg to 2000 kg, within 3 meters in length. The width of 1. 2 meters or so, there is no limit to the height. Put aside plate can be artificial access, above part of the general use tray, cooperate with forklift use. This kind of shelves are common in large warehouse and logistics center.

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