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Pharmacy shelves medicine how to put the five skills easily solve _ 【 Hshelf shelf 】

by:Hshelf     2020-06-18
Drugstore shelves put the five skills, to follow the principle of convenient, drugstore shelves of drugs put should put customers in the first place it is now accelerating the pace of life, the concept of time has been enhanced, so the most obvious place to put tesco, drugs, convenience of our customers to purchase, and the choose and buy medicines to both quiet and slowly pick the place with enough light for the customers. Second, must follow the principle of eye-catching, especially the commonly used drugs to let customers see at a glance, another drug of large, medium and small categories to assign a clear and reasonable. Third, should follow the principle of relevance, put the same or related drugs in the same or nearby pharmacy shelves. Fourth, to follow the principle of neat and beautiful, pharmacy shelves look neat and beautiful can give a person a kind of the feeling that find everything new and fresh. Fifth, to follow the principle of shelf layout flexibility. Regardless of adopts vertical penetration, slash penetration, radiant and comfortable dull or indirect arrangement method, all the contents should be depend on and keep certain flexibility, the demand to adjust shelf arrangement way. Relevant article recommended drugstore shelves put scientific method of drugstore shelves put must pay attention to the three myths
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