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Problems found in biscuits in the supermarket shelf rack up and down

by:Hshelf     2020-06-04
Reporters saw a supermarket biscuit is half empty supermarket shelves, including all huaheng brand products. “ Early in the morning to notice, for the sake of customers, we stood in the CCTV program, involving products, manufacturers, such as test report, and then decide whether to continue to sell. ” Director, told reporters, huaheng brand plum flower variety, so keep a lot of. Also checked the two supermarkets yesterday issues related to all fruit products, off-the-shelf products. Reporter from taobao. Com know taobao yesterday also checked the problem product report biscuits involves the cabinet. Shanghai Laiyifen co. , LTD. Is from the official response to the said: & other; Our suppliers are actively investigating the condition of the process, the enterprise will give you a positive reply in the near future. Consumers, such as our products have any questions, return around the store. “ And the statement & other; , in responsible for the spirit of the consumers, from April 25, the company spirit of the new, permanent sea, international garden three suppliers, purchasing in all stores, all biscuits products are ready, once again to send the product to a third party testing agencies, test results will be published in a timely manner. “
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