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Professional is supermarket shelves for you to provide the most professional placement

by:Hshelf     2020-06-08

set up shop for many for the first time and the friend that has just set up shop, many of the friends all don't know how in the supermarket shelves shelves need to design and put to a more reasonable |! Has more advantages, but this is our supermarket shelves manufacturer advantage, think that we have seen hundreds of thousands of supermarket opening design.

today, here, our supermarket shelves as a professional manufacturer of supermarket shelves, we bring you this series of knowledge about the supermarket shelves, hope you study hard, to set up shop in everybody's on the road, have the help to you.

in the first place, because most of the supermarket shelves in the present design standard, his height is generally in the cm - 165 250 cm, length 90 cm - 200 cm between, in order to maximize the present products, so the supermarket display shelves of each case must be at least three varieties of goods, it can show the 11 - average per square meter 12 varieties of goods; Second, the top supermarket shelves to display is recommended products, products sell like hot cakes, the bottom shows the sales cycle into recession. It can have a good sales result.

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