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The fundamental element of beam type shelves and warehouse planning

by:Hshelf     2020-05-29
Beam type shelves and warehouse planning the basic elements of beam type shelves and warehouse planning and the basic elements of 1, the weight of the goods ( Including the tray or container) Beam type goods shelves means is on the tray, tray again on the shelves of beam; 2, the scale of the tray and the scale of the goods ( Long L * W * H) wide To carrying trays, must according to the practice of the tray intrusive testing the shelf standards; 3, a forklift increase height and can use the clear height of your warehouse forklift can improve how high shelves do high forklift also powerless; 4, choose forklift model or parameter of forklift truck intrusive as shelves channel must be closely related with forklift standards; 5, when forklift access goods into fork direction; 6, storage reservoir plane scale; The seven practice place must to measure accurately the storage, the direction of the outbound goods and demand planning according to the need of access items in the warehouse facilities
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