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Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) shelf price? How many a? Where to buy? _【 Hshelf shelf 】

by:Hshelf     2020-06-22
How much is a traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) shelves? Pharmacy display props, prices are generally a bit more attention. So how much money a Chinese herbal shelves? Shelves are mostly Chinese traditional medicine combination form, the price is affected by the material, size and manufacture process, generally is 380 ~ 1080 yuan/a, according to the selected design, an advisory company drugstore shelves. Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) area in addition to the traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) shelves, also need to other display props? Want Chinese medicine area to have a better, more professional exhibition effect, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) shelves are not enough, still need to configure the traditional Chinese medicine before the ark, and the back counter unit synthetic closed-end Chinese medicine Chinese traditional medicine the area, to prevent customers take Chinese traditional medicine. In addition, can also according to their own requirements, matching dao medicine, in order to meet the needs of customers dao medicine. Where there is on pharmacy shelves manufacturers? For purchasing any drugstore shelves, in fact, the most important is not the price, is not the style, but the choice of drugstore shelves manufacturers, to buy good quality qualified prop. Where there is on pharmacy shelves manufacturers? Recommend Hshelf shelves. Basically every neighborhood has several pharmacies, pharmacy set up multiple regions, size a little bit big will also consider setting up Chinese traditional medicine area, try to meet the diverse needs of more customers. Considering the particularity of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), is not suitable for direct display on drugstore shelves, shelves need special traditional Chinese medicine. Before the pharmacy shelves company 【 Hshelf shelf 】 To introduce the style of shelves of traditional Chinese medicine, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) shelves again today to tell you about the price. Interested parties can take a look at. Relevant recommendations: medicine cupboard in the order in the medicine cabinet in the quality, customized, wooden cabinet in the traditional medicine cabinets wisdom to answer questions about the medicine cabinet finish see you will understand! In the design and manufacture of medicine cabinet
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