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【 Break down 】 The pharmacy shelves installation steps and method of _ 【 Hshelf shelf 】

by:Hshelf     2020-06-24
The pharmacy shelves to how to install - Pharmacy shelves installation method step, drugstore shelves to how to install, pharmacy shelves on the structure and design are quite different with general supermarket shelves, drugstore shelves for the spread of the concept is more 'health, security, rest assured' so pay more attention on the design bright and concise, unified planning, overall collocation is more harmonious. So when installing a drugstore shelves just figuring out some general pharmacy shelves installation method, is well installed. Here is the guangzhou Hshelf manufacturer to summarize some of the pharmacy shelves installation steps. First, before installation points clear of pharmacy shelves inside the packaging components are damaged or the number is not correct, if there is, of course should react to the manufacturers and suppliers, otherwise such as column and the back shelf, even have a less, the entire shelf could not install. The pharmacy shelves to how to install - Drugstore shelves installation steps: again, before installation should check the materials and specifications of the pharmacy shelves, such as island shelves and shelves generally use the steel layer board against the wall, then use the tools can be a bit heavy equipment such as a hammer, pliers, wrenches, and like the cash register, the medicine cabinet is generally use wood, such as the use of these tools generally only need light tools like a screwdriver, rubber hammer. If tools use undeserved, may damage the shelves. Finally, according to the shelves of drug put to install the shelves, if just put a small carton of medicine, pharmacy shelves layer board and the distance between the layer board at about 20 - Between 30 cm, then in the installation, general installation 4 - island shelves 5 layer, general installation 5 - shelf against the wall If six layers, and put the big gift boxes or health care products, the layer board is 40 - with the distance between the layer board Between 50 centimeters, so when installation, general installation 2 - island shelves 3 layers, general installation 3 - shelf against the wall 4 layers. Drugstore shelves related articles what good pharmacy shelves, how should choose? What kind of pharmacy shelves are there? Drugstore shelves display technique, how to do a pharmacy shelves display
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