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by:Hshelf     2020-06-25
Gangmu combination shelves due to the diversity of the wood grain color, the combination of the steel structure of the simplicity of its characteristics, show the effect of high-grade, the high-quality goods: to convenience stores, wine show, the place such as shops, high-grade bookstore application more and more. And a lot of people for steel shelves all have their own aesthetic needs and performance requirements, this needs a professional manufacturer for steel shelves design and custom services. Hshelf shelves for the composite design and customization requirements. 1, determine the size of the steel shelves of steel and wood shelf size is crucial, because the relationship between the lumber utilization rate, because standard board size is 1. 2 m * 2. 4 meters, the height of the high-quality goods of supermarket shelves in general is 1. 35 meters, this limits the shelves the length and the height of the size is not too big, so the length of the general steel shelves limit within 1 m, in the majority with 700 mm and 900 mm in length. And height, 2. The height of 4 meters is the highest. Steel shelves customization determine size not only because of the cost control need, but also the embodiment of the rational utilization of wood resources, so advise clients don't too much to pursue personalized size, resulting in the waste wood and investment. 2, determine the connection forms of steel shelves the connection forms of steel shelves to splice, bolt connection, welding as the main form, customers can need according to steel shelves installations and use to determine the appropriate connection form. It is recommended to use plug and bolt connection form, because consider the transportation and installation, mobile convenience, shelf is more suitable in the form of assembly. Hshelf gangmu combination shelves generally in the form of splice, installation is simple, save manpower. 3, determine the steel color steel wood shelves of color matching is an important part of shelves can achieve the expected effect of display and general requirement is that the color of the steel frame and wood color or the same, if not particularly need, in the absence of do renderings design, don't recommend customers to use the color contrast is too large. If really need, you can after rendering design, sample processing, eventually determine the product color.
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