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How do I open monomer drugstore? 4 for realizing self marketing _ 【 Hshelf shelf 】

by:Hshelf     2020-06-26
Would like to open a pharmacy, usually only two kinds of management pattern choice - — Proprietary and join us. For novice to join mode may be more simple, but the corresponding costs are higher, but also to profit sharing, so there are still many people choose the self-management monomer drugstores. If is a novice, want to proprietary monomer pharmacies is not a simple thing. Today Hshelf monomer drugstore shelves just to tell you about how to realize the self marketing, help them better, drugstore interested don't miss it. More than 1, signs in pharmacy brand can not only attract customers into the store to buy, but also have certain effect to remind, so don't skimp Settings of the sign. Not only a sign at the gate of the pharmacy, pharmacy brand also can be placed near the intersection, and set the distance and direction guidance, let you know the existence of your pharmacy. 2, don't neglect to do sales promotion is an essential part of every pharmacy marketing activities, can quickly attracted a large number of customers into the store. Suggest at least once a month promotion activities, and will be posted at the entrance to the drugstore, promotional posters in advance or go out fliers, try to let more people know the promotion related news, play a greater attraction to get promotion. 3, ask an expert to visit by expert visit is also a good means to attract customers. Conditional can cooperate with experts, not invited to come and visit on a regular basis, for customers to buy medicine to provide some health consulting or guidelines, etc. If you want to gain more customers, also can undertake several yizhen activities occasionally. 4, to set up the customers in order to increase customer stickiness, increase customer loyalty, pharmacy operators can build a WeChat group of customers, let customers buy medicine and code into the group, and often within the group released some promotional information, product information or health information, etc. , can also do some customer consultation, help to improve the shortcomings of pharmacy, pharmacy is more attractive. Whether open monomer drugstores, or franchise brand chain drug stores, not to much effort in the daily business, consider the feelings of customers, to create good popular with the customers of the pharmacy. Relevant article recommended drugstore shelves will meet what problem? The pharmacy shelves are the installation method? Six step allows you to easily install 【 Break down 】 Pharmacy shelf installation steps and methods
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