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How to reasonable management of supermarket shelves display goods?

by:Hshelf     2020-06-01

in the large supermarket or a small supermarket, we can always see a supermarket shelves put, these are referred to as supermarket shelves, supermarket shelves collection of product is more, it is how to reasonable management of supermarket shelves? Look at the supermarket shelf company to introduce some methods.

1, the product placement. Generally speaking, the put method should be considered: the visual effect of supermarket shelves, generally in the line of sight near the horizon and within the reach of its marketing effect is better; The height of the products displayed for sale have a decisive influence, the general ideal height from the ground 80 - 130 cm; Put the price of the product label should be easy to see, to help consumers get the price information, and help to supplement and display of products; The appropriate use of some shelves card, can improve the effect of sales promotion.

2, the product style choice. In what should be put on the shelf products and related brands. General according to category role. Occupy the highest cubic space, traffic, visible and easy to see the place should be targeted category products and related brand; General category should be located in Gao Lifang space, high traffic place; The season contingency category should be in general cubic space, general traffic; Low cubic space, put convenience stores surplus position category. In this way, the important category in the prominent position, can attract consumers' attention, increase the interest, choose products stimulate their purchasing desire.

3, product display space. Refers to each product and related brand should be how much shelf space. Measurement methods of shelf space plane space, stereo space, of the three types of space. Product space allocation should be based on the performance of the product, the occupied space is proportional to the sales, is not good for sales of products should reduce its space, in order to make better products in performance.

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