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_ 【 Hshelf supermarket shelves, the details determine quality Hshelf shelf 】

by:Hshelf     2020-06-19
Hshelf supermarket shelves is good, quality to speak, the details determine the quality, we don't play virtual, materials, hush, refuse to cut corners. Supermarket shelves pictures show 1 - 1 a, simple design, convenient installation of double row Kong Lizhu structure function is big, the back, the column connected directly, without the tool, the plate height layer can be adjusted. Second, layer board unibody design plate double grooves reinforcement design, can carry more 20 kg weight. Three, layer board reinforced layer board using bin to plunge into a molding design, refused to spot welding, sealing off phenomenon, longer service life. Supermarket shelves pictures show 1 - 2 four, thickening of horn design horn pills front hook, receiving relevant layer board, more strong, make the layer board is not easy to slide. Five, the damper baffle design card buckle directly with post card, easy to install, better on both sides of the pillar, increase the aesthetic. Six, electrostatic plastic spraying, green environmental protection plastic surface is made of high quality phenolic resin powder, powder spray equably on the supermarket shelf parts, can have good resistance to acid, mechanical properties, heat resistance, protect the supermarket shelf surface, make the longer shelf life, colour and lustre is light, not to drop paint. Hshelf choice, is to choose safe, supermarket shelves for many years industry experience, factory direct sale, high quality material, the right to assembly line production, from raw material procurement to the supermarket shelves every working procedure in the process of production strictly control, the ice on quality control, work a bath excellence, quality shelves, only for your trust.
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