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Just ordinary supermarket shelves with 4 s store supermarket shelves can pay to explore

by:Hshelf     2020-05-31
Supermarket shelves figure often appear in the major supermarkets, shopping malls. To be able to realize a good supermarket system, in addition to the supermarket shelves itself, also need on newsstands containers, cages, handling, material handling equipment, hand picking trolley, supermarket bar code system, cashier management system, booking, storage, sales of computer hardware and software system, etc. Supermarket shelves advantages 1, supermarket shelves on each floor space and load than the general commercial shelves, supermarket shelves, two major beam convenient replacement goods labels part 3, supermarket shelves, the overall size neat, smooth lines, color marked 4, in addition, the supermarket shelves are rich in the attachment, suitable for display all kinds of goods, such as: clothes, shoes, porcelain, stationery, tools, etc. 4 s shop supermarket shelves of 4 s shop shelves including tyres, glass frame, pendant, shock absorber 1, tires, wheels frame: the layer board out of medium-sized shelves, tires, wheels, directly above the bar. 2, glass frame: on the basis of medium-sized shelves, among the shelves with diameter of 25 glass pipe set of rubber hose do support and segmentation, onto the shelf layer board laid rubber skin, in order to prevent damage to the glass. Glass frame generally do two layers. 3, pendant: generally USES two layers of peg and the design of the two layers of plate. Layer board USES the standard of medium-sized shelves, hooks with a 25 square tube bridge girders, on the square tube welding 20 diameter pipe as a link. Through the understanding of the features of two kinds of supermarket shelves respectively, actually very easy, you can see that actually shelf is a very sweet things, according to different environment, different products, species occur some subtle changes, so small make up some advice here, whether it's supermarket shelves, or other shelves, shelves or close is good, so the choice of the best looking for shelves manufacturers make to order, so as to bring you the greatest effect.
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