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Rosen Beijing long-distance expansion speed up first in tianjin with two shop opened _ 【 Hshelf shelf 】

by:Hshelf     2020-06-26
Lawson convenience store on January 14, the first two stores opened in tianjin, rosen general manager thinks, at present the elements of many aspects, such as logistics, factory have ready to open up market in tianjin, 'the first half of next year will set up a subsidiary in tianjin to open retail stores, specific number no planning, but the first goal beyond 7 - as soon as possible 11. 'For the first time in tianjin on January 14th, rosen's first stores in tianjin, universal mall store opened store and children's hospital. Universal mall store is rosen in tianjin no. 1 store, store opening soon, in-store stationery shelves robbed empty, bread, yogurt and other commodities also need timely replenishment. Shop, in contrast, children's hospital is not quite as hot as universal mall store traffic, adjacent to the children's hospital of tianjin, here is a natural flow, but the hospital is in the process of building, about half a year before the official opening. Supply chain to prepare before getting into tianjin, rosen development in Beijing for more than four years time, opened 105 stores, until January 18, rosen opening and three new stores in Beijing. In the ROM the junta in Beijing at the same time, 7 - 11 in tianjin in 2009, is currently the largest convenience store in tianjin brand. 7 - 11 in tianjin in 2009, currently has more than 150 stores, and performed well on operations and profitability. But rosen's not dozen battle without preparation, in addition to the Beijing market has a foothold, rosen and bridge road, cooperation, for rosen in tianjin development provides a possibility of a variety of ways to promote in the field, in addition to rosen planning stores, supermarkets hair HeGuoSheng the two big rosen franchisees also involved in the construction of stores, supermarkets hair rosen 15 stores, is expected to open in 2019 and ShengLuoSen now concentrated in areas such as well, has been exploratory open a convenience store in hospital. Market in tianjin, rosen also hope to be able to find 'a local retailers such as supermarkets hair to do large franchisees', in Japan, the convenience stores to join mainly individuals to join us and China basically is a legal person to join us. Stores in the rosen's plan also, of course, at the same time, tianjin stores will also continue to Beijing some stores in delivery platform.
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