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The advantage of supermarket shelves classic coating is? _【 Hshelf shelf 】

by:Hshelf     2020-06-21
The advantage of supermarket shelves classic coating is? Guangzhou Hshelf shelves manufacturer to tell you! A, the electrostatic spraying powder coating is called plastic spraying 1. Its principle is using corona discharge phenomenon: make powder coating adsorption on the workpiece. 2. Its process is: powder for powder by system by gas into the compressed air spray gun, the gun front with high voltage electrostatic generator of high pressure, due to the corona discharge, near its intensive charge, powder by the gun nozzle jet, the formation of coating of charged particles, it is the role of the electrostatic force, sucked into its opposite polarity artifacts, along with the increase in the number of powder spray, is, the more charge accumulation, when reaches a certain thickness, because produce electrostatic repulsion, will not continue to adsorption, so that the workpiece to obtain a certain thickness of powder coatings. 3. Finally through high temperature to make powder melt and flow flat, after curing, namely in the hard coating surface formation. 1 second, the supermarket shelves electrostatic pensu advantages. Wear-resistant and heat-resistant coating ability is good. 2. The coating appearance quality is excellent, strong adhesion and mechanical strength. 3. Corrosion resistant performance is good, adapt to the environment, thus increasing the supermarket shelf life extension. 4. Beautiful effect is obvious: surface level off, the diopter. 5. Many of the construction field has explicitly put forward must use electrostatic pensu processing. Three, supermarket shelves, electrostatic plastic spraying process 1. Before the treatment ( Oil removal, rust removal, phosphating) 。 2. Electrostatic spraying. ( The company adopts polyester powder) 3. High temperature curing ( General is 180 ~ 260 degrees) 。 4. Due to cool. Supermarket shelves relevant article recommended the general price of supermarket shelves, how to choose the supermarket shelves? Supermarket shelves pricelist, supermarket shelves note only 3 supermarket shelves selection problem
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