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The new design will not affect the price of supermarket shelves

by:Hshelf     2020-05-30
Latest, we designed a new type of supermarket shelves, to change the present business super market shelves, with novel, beautiful, really as the basis, combined with the layer board and the back pattern, in order to better combination of sex and achieve one-time molding. , of course, because the use of patterns and materials with former supermarket shelves products are quite different, no matter in what ways have been improved, although the price is high, but we can guarantee that all will not affect the current supermarket shelves price fluctuations. And our new design of the supermarket shelves the advantage of these points; After adopting Europe type style to keep the back and the uniqueness of our back hole shelves, were able to spot them at a regular size, can achieve rapid delivery, meet the pressing needs.
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