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The structure of the conventional installation steps solutions for multiple Angle steel shelves

by:Hshelf     2020-05-31
Conventional structure of the installation steps of Angle steel shelves, rounding instructions

1, before the assembly, should be to pack all the main parts and accessories in cleaning, separated by category. Then pick out the shelves pillar ( 4) 。

2, will pick up the post, after take out needs to be fixed at both ends of the triangle ( 16) 。 In each column installed on both ends of triangles, the top and low-end of the triangles in the direction of the installation is consistent, are right up. Note column below contact with the ground depends on the height of the installation site environment set aside enough as shelves.

3, fixed triangles, start the installation layer board. To facilitate the installation, first will end two pieces of fixed. Fixed method is: put the top of the column on the layer board, then the other columns in the same way on the layer board. At the bottom of the installation is the same as the top. Note: screw before shelf has not yet been installed, do not twist too tight, wait until after the installation, determine the shelves shape is normal, there is no other problem will screw again after reinforcement.

4, after two pieces of layer board installed in the fore and aft, the shelves of the side pillar is installed, then according to their own requirements will be the other layer board in the same or different from the installation, also don't have to twist the screw too tight.

5, determine the position of the layer board will lay shelves after turn over, fixed the shelves on the other side of the column, respectively. When installing the remaining pillar to pay special attention to the distance of the layer board, otherwise it will lead to layer board, resulting in unbalanced shelves. Method is to count installed pillar between the side of the layer board a few holes, in order to determine the distance between the layer board will not be a problem.

6, fixed after the rest of the columns, to put up the shelves, on the flat ground, gently shake the shelves, and see if the shelf is smooth, make sure no problem, after all screw reinforcement by specific with a screwdriver.

7, after will install shelves in the place of use.

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