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The use of the analytical warehouse shelves shelves manufacturer

by:Hshelf     2020-05-26
Parse the use of the warehouse shelves shelves shelves manufacturers parsing the use of the warehouse shelves shelves factory warehouse shelves are made of high quality cold-rolled steel plate, the surface adopts electrostatic spraying processing, corrosion/rust/strong and beautiful. It can satisfy all kinds of specifications and bearing design factory, warehouse, assembly line, storage supermarket, factory warehouse, the use of cold storage requirements. When you need the shelf bearing 100 - on each floor 500 kg, warehouse shelves is the ideal choice, also can use of the platform, so the light medium-duty shelves for store light bulk goods factory warehouse and warehouse supermarket use. That is assembled with infixing pattern. The install and disassemble because it is widely used, color is optional, beautiful and concise. Shelf factory whether light shelves, heavy shelves, high-quality goods shelves,   warehouse shelves  , attic shelf place different commodities, such as unified customer selected. Different varieties of various shelves separated out sales of sales team, can make the customer entered the store business hall along the shelves of channel network, see the store operating range of all kinds of goods, sales work mostly in front of the shelves shelves with customer to reach an agreement with the purchase of the same species in the same place. Work for progress power and storage efficiency, the same goods or similar goods shall be kept in the same position, the worker of the rolls items placed familiarity with loading and unloading time, directly affects the similar items in a nearby local is also an important way to advance power. Factory tell customers purchasing warehouse shelves according to the outbound frequency when the selected shelf bearing was laid. Shipment and stock high frequency items, should be placed near the entrance, local easy work; Illiquid items in the interval of inward and outward slightly far local; Seasonal items are selected according to the season characteristic place. Bearing weight organization on the basis of belongings. Organizations place place, heavy items on the bottom shelf factory, the light of above items in the warehouse shelves. Need manual transfer of large items are based on the height of the waist.
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