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The working principle of infrared sensor soap sanitizer stand holder

by:Hshelf     2020-05-05
In response to this Corona Virus(COVID-19), Hshelf launched a high-quality sanitizer stand holder. Soap liquid has less foam and laundry liquid has more foam. Natural soap liquid has stronger detergency, easy rinsability and mildness than ordinary laundry liquid. Soap is better. Soap liquid is a new category, the main differences from laundry liquid are as follows: 1. Different materials used The active substance of soap liquid is mainly soap base, and its starting material comes from renewable plants, while the active substance of laundry liquid is mainly sodium alkylbenzene sulfonate (surfactant), and its starting material is petroleum. Soap base is better in mildness, grease removal and easy bleaching. 2. Different recipes Because the main active substances are different, the formulation structure requirements of the two are different, and the soap liquid is a technological innovation. The production of soap liquid requires the use of vegetable oil soap base, the requirements of the process are higher than the general laundry liquid, and the production process is more precise and the product control is stronger. 3. Different performance standards Soap liquid is a different category from laundry liquid and has a unique performance specification, which is different from laundry liquid. Some businesses on the market use laundry detergent to counterfeit soap, and customers need to be carefully screened. Infrared sensor soap sanitizer stand holder is a water flow distribution and gathering device composed of a water separator and a water collector. Usually in the floor heating area, it is necessary to control a large area of ??subdivision red blocks or a set of houses with multiple function rooms, which need to be controlled separately. At the same time, the floor heating system is affected by hydraulic characteristics, and the floor heating coil is constrained to a certain length. Internally, this requires that each heating room in the same residence in the same floor heating area be distributed into multiple loops, and each loop needs to be shut down or flow adjusted separately. The working principle of infrared sensor soap sanitizer stand holder adopts the method of hand induction. The driving device drives the sliding plate to compress the liquid storage elastomer to flow out the soap liquid. When the hand leaves, the signal disappears and the driving force disappears. The elastic body absorbs and compensates when it relies on its own elastic recovery form. Soap liquid, prepare for the next liquid supply. Repeat the above-mentioned induction operation, and you can continue to obtain the quantitatively discharged soap liquid. However, existing soap sanitizer stand holder can only spit out liquid soap, which will drip during use, causing waste; and liquid soap will increase hand-washing time and washing water, and cannot achieve environmental protection and energy saving. intention of.
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