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There are four skills, convenience store shelf displays the layout have multiplied our sales! _【 Hshelf shelf 】

by:Hshelf     2020-06-26
Convenience store shelf displays is not just for the sake of aesthetics, but also to the entire shopping environment is comfortable and convenient. When put in must, therefore, can fully display the commodity information and characteristics, commodity classification clear, find the target for the customer provide convenience goods and should have enough unobstructed channels between container, that how to put the container? 1, single row put - — U move line only formed in the middle of the convenience store put a group of island shelves, were placed against the wall shelves around, air curtain cabinets, cashier, etc. , is very suitable for creating exquisite small convenience stores. This display shelves can make convenience store in only one main, into the shop, customers are bound to along the passage into the store, browse more goods. 2, put a word - — Mouth type dynamic line put multiple sets of shelves in turn down a direction, would not only bring convenience store looks orderly, also has certain regional integral feeling. Such display shelves, will naturally form a customer to walk on the right side of the main. There were multiple vice shelf between channels, very accord with people shopping habits at ordinary times, when the customer is more because vice channel has multiple don't cause congestion. 3, the island type put - — Figure 8 moving line some convenience stores may have formed obvious pillars, then can focus on the shelves or goods are put in a store, and pillars form corresponding, thus weakening the sudden move of pillars. Channel is formed between pillars with convenience store shelves, the customers both from the left and right around the pillars, wouldn't miss the rear display goods. 4, placed side by side - — Migration type dynamic line large convenience store, you need to need to display multiple sets of shelves, side by side so that you can make convenience stores look rich goods, density of shelf displays is not easy to make customers feel boring. Placed side by side shelves can make main and deputy channel interleaving continuous, forming multiple interspersed with closed path between the shelves, customers can choose any a moving line walk along the whole shelves. The eyes of most customers, the store experience heavy prices of the goods, through reasonable shelf displays, and use a line design, creating comfortable and convenient shopping environment, is to impress the customer consumption tool.
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