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80 - supermarket shelves put skill sharing _ 【 Hshelf shelf 】

by:Hshelf     2020-06-26
Supermarket shelves of the supermarket, the importance of self-evident, how can we buy supermarket shelves after put will be better? Today' Hshelf shelf 】 Small make up detailed discuss with everybody: supermarket shelves how to put it would be better. Said supermarket shelves put problems, we must consider the following points: 1, placed in the supermarket shelves, the need to pay attention to every square metre is 11 to 12 varieties display number, because in every supermarket shelves display at least three varieties. Supermarket shelves high 165 - currently in use 250 cm, 90 - long 200 cm. Supermarket shelves better display area in the middle. 2, customers shopping safety ( Want to consider to fire safety, easily occur in a variety of reaction of the chemicals should be placed separately. And ensure a safe distance. Michigan for heat sad goods at the same time, such as daily necessities and food, want to set aside sufficient channels, ensure that does not appear crowded wounding incident) 。 3, the distance between the supermarket shelves shall ensure that customer unimpeded. For small shops, stick a wall facing the door place is not a problem. Large grocery stores, department stores, clothing stores, etc. , need to store the size of the formation of the volume of traffic, operating varieties to measure a reasonable distance. 4, promote unsalable products sales, the biggest product put priority to supermarket profit point. 5, in the place of supermarket shelves at the same time, also need to pay attention to the supermarket shelves of the other two layers of display. Under normal circumstances, at the top of the closet is usually recommend commodities, and lower storage usually is the product sales cycle into recession. The second and third layer is the place where eyes can easily see and get the goods. Therefore, at this point, the height of the display on supermarket shelves of gold line is in commonly 85 - Between 120 cm. Is guangzhou Hshelf shelf factory small make up more than five finishing supermarket shelves how to layout will be better for you, the hope can help you. And when you choose the supermarket shelves must choose strong shelf factory, guangdong, and the surrounding area have more powerful factory guangzhou wholesale market, guangdong shelves manufacturers, etc. , other area under consulting supermarket friend can generally ask. If you have more questions can leave a message on shelves.
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