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【 Fat east and display 】 Let the supermarket goods go pin 8 kinds of display techniques!

by:Hshelf     2020-12-10
Takeaway: how is your supermarket display? Eight kinds of display techniques, let you displayed a set of ideas more than others! According to statistics, every consumer is a demonstration for 15 seconds on average, 75% for 5 seconds to make a decision, if you can't see buy brand products, 40% of the people will leave. It is clear that terminal display had a decisive role. Today, small make up teach you eight very practical display skills, hope to be of help. 1, a large number of display shall be carried out in accordance with the product item is much higher than generally display the number of display, can let the consumer feel the visual impact and plump. 2, dynamic display in a digital age, even after your exhibition areas, consumers are not looking at the mobile phone is watching the tablet. Think about what can catch the busy modern people's attention? Each layer 3, line display shelves, counter, on the basis of the exhibition space will be arranged in a horizontal line. Can adopt vertical tilt, erect, prostrate, or arrange in the form of equality, unity, intuitive show the rich content of products, make the customer be clear at a glance. Focus, focus on display, is in the supermarket display area, a viewpoint was the first to attract people's attention. Usually by color contrast POP posters or modelling can be a focus, attract and guide the consumers' attention. 5, trapezoidal display using the ladder shaped displays to display a very have administrative levels feeling of the display method, even fewer goods can display a full effect. 6, sample box box modelling show vivid display samples, products with creative display, the value displayed 'live' rise, more vivid and attract customers attention, or even because it will be a vivid display and immediately buy the product. 7, cashier display is the last place customers stay, the cashier at the checkout counter within the scope of display products, can stimulate the impulse buying interest of the customer. 8, color display, shopping in the supermarket shopping consumers, most of the predominantly female consumers. They have high sensitivity to colour, will some food for color system and the related brand goods display on the shelf, tend to increase the chance of consumption. Metal products co. , LTD. Main: supermarket shelves, store shelves, pharmacy shelves, from store shelves, fresh shelves, alcohol, tobacco, cashier, storage shelves, and a series of form a complete set of equipment, the company is equipped with a large entity exhibition hall, 3000 square 7500 square logistics warehouse stock is enough. Unified national customer service hotline:
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