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Fresh supermarket shelves display what skills _ 【 Hshelf shelf 】

by:Hshelf     2020-06-28
Fresh supermarket sells mainly fruits and vegetables, plus some everyday items, its has the very big difference with the ordinary supermarket display rules. Guangzhou Hshelf shelves manufacturers today is detailed to introduce the fresh supermarket shelves display what skills. 1, the classification of the fruits and vegetables and ordinary this convenience store is the same, the fresh convenience store classification is usually: categories - In the class - Segment, segment to each item according to the fruit and vegetable category. 2, display plump fresh supermarket, at the time of goods on display, as far as possible to ensure all fresh shelves filled with fruits and vegetables, the more goods, the customer can choose the broader, more easy to sell. 3, artificial quality as fresh goods shelf life is very short, so at the time of display, must follow the principle of quality inspection. Fruits and vegetables goods on the shelf, before must personnel quality inspection, to prevent rot fruit on the shelves, so that the store's goods are very fresh. 4, seasonal promotions, although now have shed fruits and vegetables, but the fruits and vegetables is the most popular in the quarter, so you need to store according to the season for sales promotion. Will be in the best goods are put together, convenience of our customers choose and buy. 5, avoid loss, loss is inevitable, so when the display, it shall, according to the characteristics of the goods to put, avoid the loss caused by the errors is put, for example, a bunch of peach, if put too high, the bottom will be crushed. 6 this is a convenience store product, first in first out the basic principles of display. Fresh goods, due to the special short shelf life, more should strictly carry out 'first-in first-out' principle, to keep the freshness of goods, and appropriately to depreciate sales promotion the expiring of goods! 7, colour collocation and commodities are often colorful, if only by category, may be because too many colors, and appear desultorily. When the display, at the same time, we can put in the category to proper collocation, such as red and yellow collocation, yellow and purple collocation, etc. 8 clean hygiene, clean health convenience stores are the basic principles of shops selling. Even so is the fresh convenience stores, fruits, vegetables, class after the loss of goods is easy to deteriorate, if not handled in time, can produce peculiar smell, the more will attract a variety of biological, to destroy without loss of the goods. So fresh convenience stores must be regular cleaning, keep the store clean and tidy. Above is guangzhou Hshelf shelves manufacturers to introduce the fresh supermarket shelves display have what skill, hope to bring you some knowledge of shelves.
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