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How to attack against the ferocity of the storage shelves

by:Hshelf     2020-06-01
Everywhere in People's Daily life, the existence of the shelves, hit the mall, tao tao dot, in all corners of the supermarket shelves bear a large role, and such an important item, but as the storage shelves, the rise of other emerging shelves, a little going downhill trend, in order to make shelf has the brand-new posture, to meet the challenges of the market, a new tomorrow, as a producer, we are still necessary to make new changes. Shelves are hierarchical, combination structure, but if you want to continue to occupy the leading position in this market, it is not enough, only more beautiful and convenient shelf design, can have a place in this market. Followed by the stability of the shelves, supermarket shelves, although the installation is very convenient, but can't guarantee stability, single separate place stability, if considering from stability, more solid frame design, it is also improved. Personally think that supermarket shelves should also has the following advantages: 1, beautiful and easy, firm structure, varied specifications; Design modelling with time, supermarket shelves is single shelf can be combined with each other, one side shelf can be combined with Angle, both sides can be combined with semicircle; The layer spacing can be adjusted, is noble generous. 2, luxurious appearance, color and elegant, with modern market environment be in harmony are an organic whole, created the new concept of the business. 3, heightening the arm of the root system, increase the ability of retainer, the width of the laminates, length increased, meet the capacity of the shopping malls to heavy goods.
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