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Pharmacy goods how to display design better _ 【 Hshelf shelf 】

by:Hshelf     2020-06-25
In today's drugstore rental cost increasing, display is more important, display shelves good layout is like a silent 'promoters', can guide the traffic in the store, make the customer to the store entrance, shelves, the shelf, the cashier can visit to each place to display, such as better use of each effective display with plateau effect. A main entrances and exits, inward and outward display stores the position of customer first visit, is also the key to decide whether to store the choose and buy customers, so we must attach importance to the goods on display here. The most popular and best selling goods when on display in here, in order to attract customers into the store to buy. Displayed big classification, the classification of the small drugstore shelves display in vertical way, item transverse mode display, make small classification and item is easier to find. To distinguish between price according to display, generally according to from top to bottom, from high to low price display rules, but also great pressure is small, weight is not light, not the best first can plump the trapezoidal display. Three, the end frame can display according to promote the theme, the main products, composite display the current promotional items. Commodities on display to ensure positive towards customers at the same time, should also be displayed on three sides, that is, from any direction all should see the front of the goods, in the best frame on each layer of only one or a series of goods on display. Four, the pharmacy shelves display the reasonable utilization of the grey area of the store, strategically arrange the shelves as pile head, promotion of car display, help to promote customer around every corner, the store increase the chance of shopping. But high margin goods together with the best-selling goods display, can contribute to the promotion, the height of the same type, color, in, to strengthen the attraction. Five customers, cashier checkout is displays the last stay place, is also the key to the customer to decide whether to visit again, enthusiastic service and effective product promotion, on display some light at the checkout counter scope, such as: small bags, chewing gum, bandages, throat lozenges, sugar, pharyngitis can stimulate the impulse buying interest of the customer. Above is the guangzhou Hshelf display shelves manufacturers share of pharmacy commodity business skills, more shops case please attention Hshelf shelves.
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