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The integral parts of the convenience store shelf are interdependent

by:Hshelf     2021-03-17
As an integral part of the convenience store shelf, various components are also clearly structured and interdependent. 1. The laminates are mostly strip laminates that are popular internationally. The thickness of the laminate determines the layer load requirements. It has the characteristics of simple replacement, wear resistance, strong bearing capacity, and low maintenance costs. 2. The cross beam is generally a special cold-rolled P-shaped closed beam. The structure has the characteristics of simplicity and reliability, strong bearing capacity and low cost. 3. The column card and the column are often equipped with special designed safety pins when they are connected, which can ensure that the beam will not fall off under the impact of external force. Fourth, the shelf back panel, most convenience stores use holes and nets, which is conducive to matching hooks, no matter where they are in the corner, they can be equipped with hook products, mainly for pendant products.
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