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The role of pharmacy checkout _ 【 Hshelf shelf 】

by:Hshelf     2020-06-25
With the emergence of the register of modern combination, is located at the entrance to a drug store cashier area have not content to pay this a function, in order to help the pharmacies create greater profits, small pharmacy checkout, also began to more and more responsibility. Pharmacy checkout of 6 big role 1, to provide customers with cashier invoicing and relevant services, forming a complete set of shopping process. 2, the rear suspension of various kinds of certificates at the checkout counter, or into a drug store brand display wall, change image of pharmacy. 3, the use of multiple pharmacy checkout lanes, more quickly to deal with the check for the customer, optimize the customer shopping experience. 4, to the register configuration panel, let the customer can place the basket when standing in line to pay above, reduce the weight of the customer. 5, before the small shelf at the checkout counter placed at 10 yuan of small commodities, make customers produce impulse buying behavior. 6, the cashier area tends to be designed in stores in a prominent position, and there must be a clerk on duty, to prevent theft and drug. Pharmacy checkout options to a pharmacy checkout play a bigger role, the most important thing is to before purchasing, there is the right choice. Such as material, configuration and size, etc. , are all need to be aware of. Material: to ensure the quality of the appearance of the register and have good performance, on the choice of material, is of steel and wood, Wooden mesa + steel cabinet put oneself in another's position) 。 Configuration: a small frame and content before plate is the most basic is the most common configuration, the cashier to facilitate commodity display and customer shopping basket. In addition to the two configuration, also can be installed on the back of the counter to add content ark, store content function strengthen the cashier area. Size: the size of the choice, is the need to be careful. General advice to pharmacy plan, we are offering to drugstore shelves for professional design personnel for pharmacy layout design for you, you can better determine the pharmacy checkout or the size of the pharmacy shelves. The drug store props made sure that on drugstore management will be easier. Above is guangzhou Hshelf shelves manufacturers to organize pharmacy checkout related content, believe you can help novice shop.
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