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How to choose a small supermarket shelves

by:Hshelf     2020-05-30
Introduction: guangzhou, many different kinds of supermarket shelves, all kinds of different goods requires a variety of different types of shelves at the same time, we need choose to suit oneself when selecting a shelf product shelf types, choose the shelves in addition to display a variety of goods, the best or the need to have a variety of different aesthetic effect. Guangzhou supermarket shelves with shelves display than a street vendor to make full use of the

at present domestic retail formats can be roughly divided into hypermarket, supermarket, convenience store. Convenience store area is in commonly 500 square below; The area of the community shops under three thousand square; The area of comprehensive supermarket under 8000 square meters, mall area is generally in more than 8000 square meters. So different forms with different styles and price goods shelves to display, so it is important for the choice of the supermarket shelves. Supermarket shelves, is the place where the people shopping. Supermarket also led to the development of the development of supermarket shelves, whether tens of thousands of square meters of large stores, when square meters heald super, or dozens of square meters of convenience stores, supermarkets and KTV, need shelves to display goods, but many owners for shelf is not very understanding, but spent a large amount of money to buy the wrong own supermarket shelves, how the procurement of appropriate supermarket shelves? You just keep in mind the following three points. A, 2 - style shelves manufacturers generally 3 years will launch the new supermarket shelves and shelves of the accessories, the new supermarket shelves is based on the needs of market development, shelf structure more simple, convenient disassembly, pole pitch is more dense, suitable for the display of goods, shelf parts more choices, more professional. New style of supermarket shelves, will bring new sense to consumers, supermarkets face will look brand-new. Second, the quality of good quality shelf is made of high quality steel products, sophisticated technology, surface spraying plastic powder is smooth, reasonable design, use fixed number of year in 5 - 8 years; Inferior goods shelves made of steel strip compared commonly coarse, surface paint spraying, use fixed number of year 2 - Three years is worn out. Supermarket operator for a long time to consider when purchasing supermarket shelves shelf life, shelf will not repeat investment, change a shelves need 10 - 15 days, goods damage, affect the normal business of the supermarket. Three, the price is the price of the supermarket shelves is the first condition of supermarket operators choose shelves, but & other; A price points a points goods & throughout; The spread of one hundred is also let us know, cheap goods is not good. Supermarket shelves is the carrier of supermarket management of goods, supermarket goods display effect is implemented through the shelves, some high gross margin goods is also under the special display shelves foil & other Impress & throughout; Consumers, implementation & other; Impulsive & throughout; Buy, bring to a supermarket more sales and profits. Plus the shelf life of contrast, large supermarket chains are willing to buy expensive some of the big manufacturer of shelves, quality assured, high market share, and supermarket can grow up together. Guangzhou embellish was racking company factory, cover an area of 30000 square meters, has all kinds of storage products production equipment, from the hot and cold rolled plate slitting, through profile rolling mill, high precision special shelves mill, CNC punching, welding to production lines, such as automatic electrostatic powder spray line form a complete set of production system.
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