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How to classify shelves factory tell you

by:Hshelf     2020-05-26
Shelf factory tell you is how classification of shelves factory tell you is how classification of shelves: refers to storage the goods shelves. In warehouse equipment, shelf is specially used to store into a storage equipment items. Shelves in logistics and warehouse occupies very important position, with the rapid development of modern industry, through put a substantial increase, to realize the modernization of the warehouse management, improve the function of the warehouse, not only requires shelves number, has multi-function and requirement, and can realize mechanization, automation requirements. Around the store in order to adapt to the new situation, improve their competitive ability, and efforts to the business hall of general adjustment, the effect of display shelves, counters and other main commodity display apparatus some modification, some with the new frame, make the appearance of the business hall to look brand-new. Is how classification of shelves according to the shelf is divided into the development of traditional and new shelves. Traditional shelves include: layer frame, beam shelves format shelf, drawer racking, ChuGuiShi shelves, u-shaped rack, cantilever rack, grid frame, saddle, tank steel cylinder rack, tire special shelves, etc. New shelves include: rotary shelves, mobile racking, prefabricated shelves, adjust the racking, pallet racking, into the car type shelf, top shelves, loft-style shelves, gravity shelves, screen hanging shelves, etc. Shelves according to the applicability of the shelf can be divided into general and special shelves. By shelf manufacturing material cent steel shelves, shelves, steel reinforced concrete and reinforced concrete hybrid shelves, wooden shelves, steel wood also shelves, etc. According to the degree of closed shelves are divided into open shelves, semi-closed shelf, closed shelves, etc. According to the structural characteristics of stratification planes, layer framework, cabinet, drawer, cantilever rack, tripod, grating type, etc. According to the mobility of points, fixed shelves, mobile racking, rotary shelves, combined shelves, flow adjustable shelves, storage shelves, etc. Integral formula, according to the shelf structure directly support warehouse shelves roof and around friends and family structured, shelves and buildings can be divided into two independent systems. According to shelves cargo way points: cantilever shelf, ChuGuiShi shelves, shed board type shelf. According to the structure of the shelf group light warehouse shelves and removable storage, fixed shelves. Which is divided into unit shelves, the shelves of general type flow type shelf, through type shelf. According to the shelf height points: lower shelf: height under 5 meters; Middle shelf: 5 - high 15 meters; Top shelf: 15 m high above. According to the shelf weight points: heavy shelves: each layer racking load in 500 kg; Medium-sized shelf: each layer shelf ( Or a shelf) Deadweight 150 - 500 kg; Light shelf: each layer shelf capacity under 150 kg. Scale division of heavy duty pallet racking is made of high quality cold-rolled steel plate after rolled forming, columns can be as high as 6 m and no juncture, the middle bar to choose high quality square steel, bearing strength, not changeful form, between beam and column is hanged for cylindrical projection inserted, reliable connection, easy tear open outfit, and use the locking, in case the work of the truck beam will start; All the surface of the shelf by pickling, phosphating treatment, electrostatic spraying process anticorrosion, beautiful appearance. Suitable for large warehouse. Duty shelf: it is in the medium-sized shelves with chic modelling, reasonable structure, convenient installation and no screw, and the solid gravity type shelf, large bearing capacity, widely used in shopping malls, supermarkets, warehouses and business units. Light duty shelf: it is light punching shelf is a strong commonality of structure system, which can be widely applied in assembly light rack, workbench, van, suspension system, safety nets, and support the skeleton. Punching Angle according to the length of the scale and fast cutting, using the screw assembly, any correction and reinstall, so that it can meet through the use of careful planning, and can meet the need of emergency use. Loft-style shelves: full modular structure, can use wood, decorative pattern plate, steel plate, the material such as floor, can be designed to be flexible layer and multilayer, suitable for hardware tools. Electronic equipment, machinery spare parts and other goods packaging bulk storage, storage of many varieties, small batch goods make full use of space.
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