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How to design more attractive drugstore? Do it _ 【 Hshelf shelf 】

by:Hshelf     2020-06-20
As a convenient place to buy medicine, pharmacy layout in the community and the mall nearby. In recent years as the implementation of a series of positive policy, also attracted more people to join them. Want to express on dividend, still need to make its own excellent professional strength. Pharmacy management success or failure, both rely on the mature business model, also cannot leave the professional store design. A window display window, is the pharmacy show an important window, also is the key to attract customers into the store. If we can make good use of the position of the window, can drive the in-store traffic growth, income so as to improve the whole store. Transparent glass window, will the store design to take in everything in a glance to the past of two, the reasonable zoning according to different drug category, the pharmacy should be divided into multiple regions, and make reasonable layout design, make each area already exist alone, but related, enhance the dimensional feeling of whole store and comfort. ( 1) Reasonable design layout and fluent line area, build a comfortable purchasing medicine space ( 2) A large island area, convenience of our customers through ( 3) Enclosed area Chinese medicine, form independent space ( 4) New DTP zone and provide more professional service, details make three bright spots in the pharmacy in the choice of soft outfit design and display props, be good at using the detail build window, let the environment and props mutual confluence, overall coordination and unity. ( 1) Cashier area above the AD hoc containing name light boxes, enhance brand trademark ( 2) Woodiness material steel shelves ornament, let the whole store props call corresponding ( 3) Irregular promotion booth, break depressing atmosphere
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