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How to identify the classification of the supermarket shelves

by:Hshelf     2020-06-01

for other types of shelves, is a lot of people don't understand, unless he is engaged in this work and contacts, will understand. But the supermarket shelves but it is common to all of us in the daily, we know the classification of it!

in our daily life, when we go to the supermarket, common when I was shopping to the supermarket shelves, so how do we go to distinguish it is belong to heavy or light shelves. And there are some goods on both sides of the stores often show, and that some shelf is belong to supermarket shelves in the display shelf, and in some of the stores, often use the high-quality goods shelves, such ability can better highlight the advantages of the product and highlights.

however, in some monomer or combination of couplet of the customer, is often according to their own needs to customize different supermarket shelves, and some of these have some distinction and difference, but it also has certain rules that are easy to sort out.

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