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How to make space management planning before double shelf displays

by:Hshelf     2020-06-05
Introduction: guangzhou, many different kinds of supermarket shelves, all kinds of different goods requires a variety of different types of shelves at the same time, we need choose to suit oneself when selecting a shelf product shelf types, choose the shelves in addition to display a variety of goods, the best or the need to have a variety of different aesthetic effect. Guangzhou supermarket shelves with shelves display than a street vendor to make full use of the

we often see in the large supermarket and shopping plaza shelf products, actually this kind of product in the application also referred to as the drugstore shelves, shelves, snacks and so on, mother and baby were widely used in shopping malls, supermarkets, convenience stores in the display of various kinds of goods. Is a collection of products show, goods display, sale of goods, goods storage, and many other functions as one of the commercial facilities.

supermarket shelves in put before put to plan as a whole. Supermarket in front of the display shelves according to the size of the space, layout, and type and quantity of the goods to the shelves to put the whole layout. To be partitioned according to the kind, for example, food, cooked food, fruits, drinks, etc.

first of all, the supermarket shelves put to meet & other On the small under the big, on light under heavy & throughout; The rules. , when goods shelves, shelves should be put above the light weight, small volume of goods and shelves should be put under the weight of heavy, bulky goods, this was partly in order to maintain the balance of the shelves, the shelves, such as easy to tilt, flopping, this kind of layout at the same time also accords with people's visual habit and aesthetic standards.

then, supermarket shelves put want to distinguish the goods of the primary and secondary. Supermarket shelves generally have 5 layers, from the top of the number 1, 2, 3 layer is consumer most easily noticed when shopping, while the bottom two layers of people generally don't pay attention to, so put in supermarket goods, mainly commodities or activities to put on the most notable shelves layer, creating priorities.

actually, not only in the supermarket shelves put there are a variety of skills, the other shelves, such as pharmacy shelves, storage shelves, shelves, shelves and other automotive supplies, cosmetics in put there is need to pay attention to details.

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