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Pharmacy shelves the scientific method that puts _ 【 Hshelf shelf 】

by:Hshelf     2020-06-22
Let's go to the pharmacy to buy medicine is often the things, sometimes encounter some pharmacies are convenient, suddenly find themselves to want to buy medicines, but feel some pharmacies and not seek, clearly understand themselves to buy what medicine but still is to ask the doctor, so it is not convenient. Hshelf shelves as below for us to introduce pharmacy shelves to display the scientific method. First pharmacy is in accordance with the function to distinguish the area, a good pharmacy is divided into ginseng antler, Chinese traditional medicine, prescription and over-the-counter area of this a few kinds big. On the need of different areas of pharmacy shelves variety is not the same. Above can see, the ginseng antler area, traditional Chinese medicine and the prescription of this a few large area, are to be carried out by the former cabinet and back cabinet portfolio ( Such as ark of ginseng antler, ginseng antler before the ark, the cabinet, before the ark, Chinese traditional medicine prescription, prescription before the ark, etc. ) , advantage to do so is useful to these precious or OTC products and the customers don't leave. Convenience stores to deal with drug to prevent customers buy prescription drugs by mistake. Over-the-counter area, a protection and health products in the open position, the convenience customers choose and buy themselves, choose the single island are open pharmacy shelves and pharmacy shelves. In order to beautiful and easy, pharmacy shelves will be equipped with some indication lamp box, let customers understand as soon as she entered the shop. 【 Guangzhou Hshelf shelf 】 As a focus on brand shop service display props suppliers, have professional production base of shelves in guangdong guangzhou. The main products are convenience store shelves, pharmacy shelves, supermarket shelves, maternal and infant shop shelves, stationery shop shelves, fruits, etc. , of all kinds for your choice. We also offer including the design of space design, props, props, props, such as logistics distribution, installation, after-sales, all-round quality service. Welcome to login Hshelf shelves website consultation and order.
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