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Raw wooden shelves in the supermarket

by:Hshelf     2020-05-28
In recent years, many careful people will find that exists in our side before the small supermarket, small fruit shop less and less, many large fresh supermarket is more and more, these large fresh supermarket has become people's first choice. Fresh supermarket may be in terms of scale and large comprehensive supermarket has certain gap, but they have the advantage of low price, convenient location, popular with the general public. And we further find that using high quality wooden shelves and a reasonable layout to attract customers is huge. Wooden shelf appeal? 1, wooden shelves design to ensure the goods display shelves of appropriate size and space, can let the goods arrange decorate horizontal or vertical, etc, also for the salesman shelves, put goods provides a convenient and clean. 2, some enterprises with strength ratio ( Such as shelf) In the use of new environmental protection material, make shelf is not easy to deformation can also play the role of fire prevention and waterproof. 3, wooden shelves modelling variety, strong strong sex and other material combinations, also convenient and lights undertakes collocation, can play a good display effect, different materials have different color, different feelings for the customer. Shelves, the shelves of not only can produce high quality can also be engineers involved in the whole design layout, let your supermarket is not general!
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