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The supermarket is how to choose the supermarket shelves?

by:Hshelf     2020-05-16

the generic type of supermarket shelves had better choose rich on display at the same time also to consider the stability of the application in the future, the way of the same enterprise forms of supermarket shelves specification is unfavorable and overmuch, in order to avoid too much waste. Below hospitality flange shelf factory technical state is less to the supermarket and you talk about is how to choose supermarket shelves:

large supermarket ( Excluding wholesale warehouse supermarket) To see ordinary supermarket shelves layer board the width is 630 mm ( We have 730 mm) , the highest is 3200 mm ( Supermarket shelves against the wall, and a large supermarket shelves) classification segmentation 。 Height and supermarket shelves of building height has a definite proportional, in a sense, but is not open-ended, because is too high in normal display also has not to use it, and bring the visual line pressure is too high to pass lights down. Supermarket shelves top and keep at least 600 mm distance between lamp belt, which is both fire prevention requirements, and lighting. We Chinese people short, supermarket shelves effective displayed below 2 meters in height, no matter how high place can only do send warehouse and decorative background.

the direction of the supermarket shelves is given priority to with perpendicular to the main, in the same side of the supermarket shelves in the main direction should be consistent. Bureau of cloth use fan such as irregular supermarket shelves to put can make stores appear active, but not suitable for large area is used. Supermarket shelves often want to consider card columns placed, column in order to reduce the impact on the channel, late pillars for the rest of the place to consider good deal.

supermarket shelves are main materials: steel, gangmu combination; Plywood panels are mainly steel ( Including universal panel, steel mesh panel) , glass, With lamp mainly supermarket shelves with) , wood. Layer board in addition to the straight line and arc, in addition is hanging from a beam is equipped with a variety of hook or network, the market is more than one hundred kinds of varieties and rarely so meticulous, in the process of plane layout is no need to do here.

in addition to choose conventional supermarket shelves, there are some goods categories can choose special supermarket shelves in the design on the drawing performance, such as: clothes, books, audio and video frame, hanger, dumbbell, flower POTS, bike rack, etc.

there is no unified standard of supermarket shelves, even the supermarket shelves safety standards also have no, here are Suggestions for supermarket shelves height of different stores, only for your reference, Unit: mm) :

the width of the supermarket shelves layer board need to choose different width according to different product categories, in addition to most of the specifications of the goods unified, and some commodity categories can consider to choose special width of layer board, so as to display, there are mainly major appliances and personal care products, shoes, stationery, toys, etc.

the corner connection supermarket shelves general cost is high and can't afford to sell STH over and over again, in the process of adjustment according to the positioning considering whether the configuration of the enterprise.

end frame design mainly include: conventional supermarket shelves, pile head + supermarket shelves, semicircle supermarket shelves, etc. Hospitality edge supermarket shelves here promotion platform design mainly has: regular square ( Wood, steel plate, steel cage combination, etc. ) Supermarket shelves, square tower, a swastika, cylindrical, cylindrical tower supermarket shelves, etc. Configure some special end frame according to different area and promotion platform can make markets more rich. Special pile head I suggest only placed in the area of the corresponding goods, rather than in the main square pile head together with conventional, lest appear messy.

otherwise fine class is relatively special counter, the more units, wooden glass commonly used specifications ( Mm) Is 600 long and 1200 wide, height is not more than 1100.

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